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Loft Gardens by Tabanlıoğlu Architects

The loft apartments have floor-to-ceiling, one-piece, energy efficient windows opening to the city panorama

Striking Blackpool Project in New Zealand
11.09.13/10:04/ 358

deck house ~ choo gim wah architect
11.09.13/10:02/ 1563

Paul Chevallier School by Tectoniques

Photography is by Renaud Araud and the architects.

La Proyecteria
11.09.13/10:01/ 2756

Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Eighth in a series to showcase the 2013 cycle of shortlisted projects from what is arguably the most rigorous and thoughtful architectural award program in the world, encompassing design excellence, historic preservation and rehabilitation, and socioeconomic dimensions; focused on results, eschewing the cult of the hero-architect.

The Met Tower Bangkok, Thailand (2009)

Architect: WOHA Architects, Singapore

Description (from the AKAA):

Rather than adopting high-rise models from temperate countries, this 66-storey central Bangkok development adapts aspects of low-rise tropical housing to spaces in the sky. Naturally cross-ventilated, the apartments require no air conditioning. Open-air terraces with barbecues, libraries, spas and other facilities link the three towers every five storeys and act as structural bracing. The main columns extend on the exterior of the building, creating protected indoor-outdoor spaces for balconies and terraces, and are lit at night, transforming the building into an elegant, vertical screen. The staggered block arrangement gives apartments light and air on all four sides. Thai elements – ceramic tiles, textiles and timber panelling – are abstracted to organise forms. Every horizontal surface is planted, and vertical faces are shaded by creeper screens.

Image credits: all images copyright Aga Khan Award for Architecture; all photographs by Patrick Bingham-Hall; site plan courtesy of the architect

Diana’s Garden in Aalborg - photos by 
Mike Dugenio Hansen

"This is Dianas Garden (Diana’s Have). It’s a modern row housing area (modern for Aalborg anyway) It’s quiet clean and sober, which just makes it suspicious.  The post-production process is heavily inspired by the architecture."

Mike Dugenio Hansen

Takeshi Hosaka
 - Room Room (2011)

The residents of Hosaka’s Room Room are a deaf couple and their two hearing-able children. The windows in its walls and ceilings serve as means of easy communication and visibility among the family. The children sometimes drop small toys attached to strings to gain their parents’ attention from the second floor down to the first and Mom and Dad can sign to each other from separate rooms.

Louis Kahn, Norman Fisher House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1960.

geo metria ~ mount fuji architects studio

Obumex by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects

The ceiling detail is similar to the edge of the water feature, both of which are thicker than what they appear to be.

Canvas  by  andbamnan